Player experience:
Realized experience like a goalkeeper:

-Player in FC Vardar - from 1980 to 1987;
-Player in FC Sloboda Tuzla - from 1987 to 1988;
-Player in FC Metallurg - from 1988 to 1991;
-Player in FC Makedonija GP - from 1991 to 1992;
-Player in FC FCU - from 1991 to 1992;
-Player in FC Gostivar - from 1992 to 1993;
-Player in FC Madjari - from 1993 to 1994;
-Player in FC Alumina - from 1994 to 1997;
-Player in FC Jugohrom - from 1997 to 1998;
-Player in FC Rabotnicki - from 1998 to 1999;
-Player in FC Kumanovo - from 1999 to 2000;

Coaching experience:
realize goalkeeper coaching experience:

-Goalkeaper coach in FC Vardar - 2005-2008 (young categories)
-Goalkeaper coach in FC Rabotnicki - 2008-2011(young categories)
-Goalkeaper coach in FC Vardar - 2012-2013(coach at senior team)
-Goalkeaper coach in FC Gostivar - 2013(coach at senior team)

Wining competition:

-With FC Vardar wining in league EX Yugoslavia like player
-With FC Vardar youth team winner in cup Marshal Tito in EX Yugoslavia



  • Licenses: Uefa B license - 2008
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