www.aroundgaia.com in SEPTEMBER 2013 a spanish-macedonian couple will be travelling around the world by motorbike meeting their different people y landscape, and fighting against discrimination and mistrust people use to have because the unknown
After a few years travelling around different countries and doing it in many different ways, we thought it was time to get into a trip a little bit more interesting. So, we decided that for us the perfect formula would be to go around the world riding a motorbike as it allows us to get into a more direct contact, not only with the people, but also with the nature of the places we will pass through. Moreover, travelling on a motorbike provides you with a feeling of independence that we had enjoyed before while travelling around India or Morocco.

For this trip, we will not use travel guides or GPS. Even more, we will not have a perfectly defined route. As a result we will leave some space for improvisation and consider the directions the road will give us. In this way, we will come accross all sorts of weather, from the cold mountains of the Himalayas to the unbearable heat in the desert of Atacama, driving through famous roads as route 40 in Argentina or route 66 in EEUU.

In our project we would like to show this trip from two different perspectives:

The trip on a motorbike itself, with all the outlandish circumstances we will encounter within a trip of this dimension. Such as all the situations you can imagine, e.g. breakdowns, police, legal proceedings, camp sites... in your city, change completely when you have to carry them out in places such as Iran, Bolivia, India or Colombia.

The social aspect, as we are going to show you how we need to stop being scared of the unknown, break misconceptions, mistrust and danger of far away people and places. As a result, we want to show our followers how the world is a much nicer place than we think. Always with the best teachers, who are those people that trips bring to us and always help the trip to go on. On the other hand, we would love to show, how on these times of worldwide crisis, loads of people can carry out amazing things with few resources and all the possible ways to achieve happiness.