My aim is "LTAD" (Long Term Athlete Development)!!!

Thank You ETU for this big experience, I will keep up the great work from this camp and the attitude about triathlon training process as well!!! My aim is "LTAD" (Long Term Athlete Development)!!!

Next up and from the other end of Europe is Stojan Popovski. Stojan is a coach from Macedonia.
"Already after the first meeting on the 1st day I realized that it will be fun but also that there will be tough workouts. Preparation is very important and I read up about almost everything that I wanted to do and learn before attending the camp. My favourite sessions were training together with the athletes (swimming, cycling and running with them) in all 3 sports."
The whole idea of these training and development camps is to take away from them the ability to build. For Stojan, "I learned how to control more athletes at a specific interval workout including their paces, splits, techniques, basic and specific drills during warm-up and recovery parts of a single workout...in one word how to manage the whole workout."

ETU has been around for a long time. 30 years of European co-operation speaks volumes. Now, more than ever before the passion is paying dividends.
Stojan puts it rather well, "Being part of the ETU Camp helped me a lot; it made me richer with specific knowledge not just as a coach but as a human being! Working with that team was a big privilege, pleasure and experience for me! I will do all my best to present and share that knowledge with the athletes in my country; knowledge which I'm convinced will help them a lot for improving their performances and making better results on international level."

07 April 2015

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