HIQ MOS U MENDO DY HERË! 8 ushtrime bazike me peshën tuaj trupore, 3 seria me nga 12-15 përsëritje. Thjesht filloni të stërviteni, edhe ashtu me orë të tëra po qëndroni para ekraneve televizive dhe kompjuterike.

Here are some 'kneel down and stand up' exercises, just to motivate you to make space in the living room, put on some good music and make a great training session. You can repeat each exercise in 2-3 series of 15-20 repetitions.

If you are looking for new exercises to strengthen the muscles of the body and especially the buttocks, these will surely help you and will be a practical and easy combination, perfect for you. They are easy to master, and you won't need anything other than a yoga mat and the comfort of your home.