Spinning, More Than Just Turning The Pedals

Riding a classic stationary bike at home is not such a bad idea if you want to do cardio training when there are no good weather conditions to do it outdoors. It's a great way to burn calories and to relieve stress or simply start the working day. 

But very often, because of the lack of desire to exercise indoors all alone, the static bike will change its purpose and start serving as a hanger for your clothes, as it usually happens.

If you need motivation, socialization and companionship during your training, and if you don't want to spend your time in empty talk thus missing a series of exercises, then try the Spinning. Spinning in a group with an instructor gives you the feeling that you are part of peloton of Tour de France. Loud music, sweating and rapid breathing, standing up and sitting down, changing the pace and resistance, encouragement from the instructor and turning the pedals till you feel a burning sensation in your feet.

The design of the spinning bike will allow you to make serious training sessions no matter if you work at home alone or in a group. At first glance, this type of bike is no different from the conventional static bike, but the geometry of its framework and mechanism for transferring power through a chain to a disc that weighs 13-22 kg makes you feel you're riding a real bike. That's why the spinning bicycle is very exciting for training.

Burn more calories

The Spinning lets you burn about 500 -700 calories in 45 minutes, which is a huge amount compared to other types of training. However, the amount of burned calories will depend on the intensity of the workout and your willingness to endure the resistance in anaerobic mode.

Tone more muscles

Unlike the traditional static bike, the spinning bike allows you to drive upright or with your pelvis behind the seat, lean left or right, thus engaging many muscle groups of your body. If the training is well designed, with appropriate rhythm in turning the pedals and regular change of positions, then you will have full effect on the cardio vascular system and on muscle toning. The most affected muscles are the central groups of muscles: the abdomen, lower back, hips, buttocks and thighs. When pushing the pedals without significant resistance you'll work in aerobic mode and when working in slower mode under high resistance, you'll strengthen the muscles.

04 December 2012

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