Parents often have dilemmas on what types of food to give to their babies after the sixth month of life. World pediatricians recommend starting with complementary feeding with a few basic types of fruit and light vegetables. Avocado is one of the main fruits recommended for babies because of the abundance of nutrients that it contains and the low levels of allergens.

Compared to other fruits suitable for babies, the avocado has more nutritional value, neutral taste, and a significant benefit of this tropical fruit is that it can be found on sale throughout the year.

All nutrients of the avocado

Avocado is rich in vitamins. It is an excellent source of minerals such as iron, copper, magnesium and manganese, and it contains omega-3 fatty acids which are free of sodium. Magnesium is crucial for strengthening the bones, and iron and copper are necessary for the creation of red blood cells. The avocado is also rich in beta and alpha carotene and it contains unsaturated fats which are not harmful to babies because they increase the "good cholesterol" in the blood. The unsaturated fats and the caloric values are of great importance for the healthy development of your baby. That's why the avocado is especially recommended for babies who are progressing slowly in weight.

Avocado puree

When buying avocados, make sure they are ripe and healthy. The rotten avocado has an irregular shape, dark brown or black color, there may be bruises on the surface and it is too soft. The unripe avocado is hard to the touch, with intensive green color, bitter taste and should never be consumed. Tip: Look at the wider top of the avocado, if the small circle (like a button) is green or dry and brown. If it's green, the avocado is good. If it's not green, then it may be spoiled.

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At the beginning of the complementary feeding, mash the avocado as you mash potatoes. It can also be combined with banana, papaya or pumpkin for better flavor. A favorable circumstance is that it doesn't have to be cooked, but if you feed your baby with avocado for the first time, add a little breast milk or milk powder.

Because of the avocado's abundance of nutrients which help in the proper growth and development, it is desirable to insert the avocado in your baby's daily menu.

24 November 2012

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