A truly inspirational triathlon mind

We can agree that the competition which strives a great deal of human endurance and an ability to manipulate more disciplines is definitely triathlon. But how to motivate yourself and train extra hard to succeed in winning a race, we can learn from the video with Andy Potts, a professional triathlon athlete, and his inspirational speech.

Triathlon is a very demanding multiple-stage competition contained out of three different disciplines: swimming, cycling and running. The races vary in distance, but the goal is to finish with the fastest overall course completion time, including timed "transitions" between each component. It takes a lot of hard training, indeclinable motivation and 1 to 2 percent more energy to overcome the boundaries of human endurance levels in order to succeed in winning a triathlon competition.

Andy Potts is a former swimmer that challenged himself in triathlon, and soon after he started his professional career in 2003, he blew up the triathlon scene with series of wins.

According to him, he was never content to just be the best swimmer in the sport.

"My efforts to improve my cycling and running have certainly paid off. While I have enjoyed each success along my journey, I continue to test myself to get the most out of my abilities."

 This is a truly inspiring video from Andy Potts & Asics, presenting his preparations for the 2012 Ironman World Championship in Kona (considered as the most prestigious competition in the Ironman community).

We can only absorb the great message and apply it to what we want to achieve as a professional athlete or as an amateur/a recreational athlete. 


17 January 2013

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