A short film about my new fictional word, and an old mountaineering traverse in Macedonia. 

Ljuboh is Macedonian word that does not exist (so far), it is made up by me and represents the feeling of love and pleasure that has been reached over certain dose of pain.

The root of the word comes from „љубов" (ljubov) which means love, as it is joined with the interjection „ох" (oh), an exclamation of pain.

On the other hand, the fictional word represents the beginning (peak Ljuboten in Shar Mountain) and the end (Ohrid) of the first, longest and one of the hardest trekking trails in the Balkans, the "Western Macedonian traverse"

The pain and pleasure that followed us trough that whole week from peak Ljuboten to Ohrid was the spark for a new word in my own dictionary.

Ljubo(v) + oh = Ljuboh
Ljubo(ten) + Oh(rid) = Ljuboh

17 November 2014

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