Tiny Houses, Big Minds

Made for people that want more freedom and stability in their life, meet the tiny houses that are breaking the stereotype on how big the common house should be.

In the western world, especialy in North America, the average size for a single family home has grown considerably, dubling it's self since the 1970's up until now, despite the reduced number of family members that live together.

The reasons for this are mostly because of the increased material richness and prestige, or in other words, for things that don't actualy have real meaning for the consciously aware human being.

The movement known as "the Tiny House Movement" is a total contrast to all that, it's a movement for creating small homes that are driven by the priciple of less quantity, more quality, simplifying the everyday life of it's occupants.

A small home, in which almost everything is multifunctional, doesn't just make life easier, it makes it a lot more stable financialy.

Because they are miniature, they are much cheaper to build, utility bills are drasticly smaller, and in the same time, people that live in this tiny homes are limited in buying material goods. Plus, the best part - they can be made on wheels and the home can be mobile.

All this creates a much greater freedom for investing in travels, self improvements and increasing the quality of living.

Are you recoginising yourself in this story? Do you want to travel more, self improve and increase your quality of life?

Check out the trailer from Outdoor Reaserch and their tiny house tour - a bunch of nomadic dreamers that are in constant search for snow adventures...The home is a place that follows the snow. The home is a place that has no roots...


30 March 2016

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