Tiny house in action

How does it feel to live in a tiny house? Here is an epic story from some tiny house occupants which also happen to be pro skiers and snowboarders, searching for endless snow adventures.

How would your life look like if you live in a 11m2 house on wheels?

The answer to this question can be something like the amazing film from "Outdoor Reaserch".

It's ambasadors, professional skeers Zack Grifin and Molly Baker teamed with 3 more skiers and snowborders in search for their adventuristic dreams.

To achieve them, they build their tiny house on wheels that enables them to go on a jurney, constantly searching for snowy mountains all over North America.

We won't tell you what happens next but watch out, there are big chances that you'll find the solution for some of your dreams....


30 March 2016

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